Build a Homemade Periscope

The aim of this simple science fair project is to make a periscope using simple materials

Materials Required for the project:

  1. Two similar pocket mirrors
  2. A box or a pipe of 50 centimeters length (The length of the pipe can be increased in proportion with that of mirrors)
  3. A knife or suitable cutting material
  4. A pencil or a marker
  5. Transparent tape

Procedure for the project:

  1. Cut a hole of 2cm diameter at a height equaling half that of the mirrors from the bottom side of the box.
  2. Now turn the box so that the hole cut is at the bottom of the opposite side facing you.
  3. Mark a point at a distance equaling half that of the mirrors from the top of the box and cut a hole of 3cm diameter there.
  4. Place the mirrors in the box as shown in the figure using the transparent tape.
  5. Now look through the small hole and you can see the objects ahead.