Cloud in a bottle science project


The aim of this project is to create clouds in a bottle.

Materials Required:

  1. A rubber glove
  2. A glass jar
  3. A match box

Procedure for the science project:

  1. Pour a small amount of warm water into the glass jar so that it just covers the bottom of the jar.
  2. Light a match and drop it into the jar. Make sure that it creates some smoke inside the jar (Just a little smoke)
  3. Now quickly seal the jar with the glove so that its fingers are pointing down. Make sure that you do this quickly after lighting the match.
  4. Now insert your hand into the glove and quickly pull it upwards without breaking the seal.
  5. Observe the jar and you will see some clouds

Scientific explanation:

Clouds are formed by the condensation of water vapor while suspended in air. This same water vapour is present in the glass jar. When you insert the glove into the jar, it displaces some air. When you pull the fingers up it increases the effective volume inside the jar ie, the water vapour now has more room. This expansion cools the water vapour (Gases cool when expanded) into suspended water molecules. The smoke inside the jar helps them to stick together. This causes the formation of a cloud inside your jar.

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