Creati a Mist of Water


The aim of this kid’s science fair project is to create a small mist.

Materials Required for the project:

  1. Two straws (A smaller one and a regular one)
  2. A small jar of water.


  1. With one hand hold the smaller straw vertically in the water.
  2. Take the other straw and hold it in 90 degree to the tip of the first straw.
  3. Now blow through the second straw.
  4. The water will rise through the vertical straw and spews out like a mist.

Scientific Explanation:

When you blow, the air at the top of the vertical straw moves fast. This fast moving of air creates a low pressure area and the water in the jar will rise to the top of the vertical straw. This water is then carried away by the fast moving air creating a fine mist.

Note: The smaller the vertical straw the easier will be the experiment.