Hanging Water Experiment


The aim of this project is to demonstrate the power of atmospheric pressure by a fun experiment.

Materials required:

1)      A piece of paper

2)      Water

3)      An empty bottle


1)      Fill the water in the bottle until it overflows

2)      Cove the mouth of the bottle with a small piece of paper. Just place the paper over the mouth of the bottle and tap on it.

3)      Keep the paper in position with your hand and slowly turn the bottle upside down.

4)      Remove your hand from the paper; you will see that it stays in position without spilling the water.


Make sure that the paper is larger than the mouth of the bottle.

Make sure that the paper completely seals the mouth of the bottle when you cove it.

Refrain yourself from shaking the bottle.


The water is contained inside the bottle without spillage.

Scientific Explanation:

The air pressure outside the bottle prevents the water spillage by pushing the paper to the mouth. This is possible because the downward pressure on the paper exerted by the water is lesser than the upward pressure exerted by air on the paper.