Testing the Efficiency of Two Light Sources


The aim of this science fair project is to compare different light sources and deduce which one is more energy efficient using a simple experiment.

Materials required:

  1. A normal incandescent light bulb.
  2. A florescent light bulb.
  3. A lamp with an easy to remove light bulb holder.
  4. A thermometer.

Procedure for the project:

  1. Fix the incandescent bulb to the lamp and switch on the lamp.
  2. Hold the thermometer around six inches away from the bulb for a minute and note down the temperature reading. Also observe the light.
  3. Switch off the lamp and replace the bulb with the florescent bulb after it cools down. Turn the lamp back on.
  4. Measure the temperature and observe the light just like before.

Scientific explanation:

The incandescent light bulb produces lesser light and shows higher temperatures on the thermometer. This shows that the incandescent bulb is less energy efficient. Most of the energy supplied to it as electricity is lost as heat. The florescent bulb on the other hand produces less heat and more light. This proves that the florescent one is more energy efficient.