Preparing your Project for a Science Fair

  1. Select an experiment or idea to test

Don’t forget, a Science Fair Project finding the answer to a question by testing and idea, not just providing information about a subject.

  1. Provide Background Information

Gather information about the subject from the internet, magazines, books the talk to people who are knowledgeable about your topic.

Keep track of where you got your information from.

  1. Using the Scientific Method

State the experiment’s purpose – What are you trying to find out?

Provide a variable (what condition you will be changing) that helps to determine the answer.

What is your Hypothesis? – your theory about what the answer will be.

Select and define how the thing you selected will be changed.

Decide on and describe how the results will be measured.

  1. Keep your experiments controlled and record your data

Conduct your experiment(s).

Keep all of your notes recorded in one place and capture everything you can, this may be useful later on.

  1. Charts/Graphs

Figure out what has happened. Answer the question that you originally posed and, then put your results in graphs or charts.

  1. Build a display

Keep it neat and consistent. Either all hand written or all printed.

Have fun with it but easy for others to understand.

Demonstrate how you have used the Scientific method

  1. Write a brief Report

This is the story of your project. Tell people what you did and how.

Add a sheet to list where you utilized your background information.

  1. Practice your presentation

You should be able to explain your project to judges and teachers. Ask family or friends if you can practice with them. Don’t be nervous. Everyone will understand if you are a little because they have all been there before as well.

*Remember to have fun