Prove that Light Consists of Multiple Colors

In physics we learn that natural light is a combination of seven colours. This science fair project is to prove that theory by separating colors from light.


Demonstrate that light consists of seven colours.

Materials Required:

  1. A triangular glass prism.
  2. A source of light (a candle or a bulb)
  3. A cardboard box with one side open
  4. A piece of white paper


  1. Make a hole of 1″ at the center of any side adjacent to the open side of the cardboard box.
  2. Paste the white paper to the inside of the cardboard box opposite to the hole
  3. Place the triangular prism inside the box so that it comes between the hole and the white paper. Make sure the prism is lying on one of its lateral faces.
  4. Place the source of light adjacent to the hole.
  5. Adjust the prism and the light source so that the light falls on one side of the prism
  6. You will now observe rainbow colors on the white paper.