Balloon Rocket Experiment


The aim of this science fair project is to demonstrate the effects of air pressure and thrust.  (A proof to Newton’s Third Law)

Materials required:

1.       A balloon.

2.       A straw.

3.       Some duct tape.

4.       Some string.


1.       Blow up the balloon.

2.       While holding the end of the balloon closed, use the tape to attach the straw to the surface of the balloon.

3.       Pass the string through the straw and tie it at two ends of the room horizontally.

4.       Take the balloon to one end of the string and release the end which you had been holding closed. The balloon will fly like a rocket across the room.

Scientific explanation:

When you blow up the balloon, you are filling air in it at a higher pressure than outside the balloon. When you let go of the end of the balloon, this high pressure air will rush out to the low pressure surroundings. This movement of air will push the balloon in the other direction. This is called thrust.