Simple Project on Electrolysis- Copper Plating Experiment


To demonstrate electrolysis by copper plating a silver spoon.

Materials Required:

  1. A Silver spoon
  2. A Thin copper plate or wire
  3. Two 3 Volt batteries
  4. A connecting wire
  5. A glass tumbler
  6. Some water
  7. A packet of Copper sulphate penta hydrate root killer.

Procedure for the copper plating experiment:

  1. Fill 3/4th of the glass tumbler with water
  2. Drop the blue crystals in the root killer packet into the water and stir it.
  3. Wait till the solution is saturated (The solution turns blue)
  4. Connect the negative pole of the batteries to the spoon by winding the stripped wire on the spoon handle
  5. Now connect the copper wire or plate to the positive side of the battery
  6. With the help of a support hang the spoon-battery-copper plate assembly in such a way that the spoon and the copper plate are immersed in the solution.
  7. Wait for some time and you can see that the copper plate has become thinner and the spoon has got coated with copper.